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Understanding and Managing Smartspace Registration

All Smartspace systems come with a built in customer registration database.

This database can be accessed by logging in (using either the small S tab on websites or the login panel whcih will be visible on community sites) then going to Database Manager from the access menu or by clicking one the S tab on websites and using the link contained there.

Currently, the database is used with mainly with two different purposes in mind.

  1. Business customer and contact details and subscription lists.
  2. Sports clubs membership details

In both cases, the registration can be made either by a user or an administrator in a number of ways:

  • Done in the admin section of the website by an administrator
    • Simple registration by an administrator of a Smartspace database
    • A transferred registration done by a network administrator
  • Simple registration by a user through the front end of the website
    • Done through the Free Registration link as seen in the login panel
    • New registration as part of a ticketing or nomination process
    • New registration as part of a product sale, hire or booking.
    • Registration as part of a subscription process, through a Custom Contact Form

In all cases, whether or not the record has been created as part of another process, a stand alone registration record is created.

In many cases, a check is done to see if a registrant is already in the system. There should only ever be one record per person in the entire Smartspace system.

This record is a permanent or persistent record which then may be attached to a range of other associated records.

This record can be accessed by different clubs and/or businesses with the permission of the user themselves or when an administrator in a network is requested to provide access by a network member. EG when a person transfers from one club to another.

They become available to different clubs/businesses by the use of a participant/customer record for each entity.

Status Of A Registration Record

Although a registration record is permanent, it can have two states

  1. Active
    • The record is contained in working list of registrants in all contexts
  2. Inactive
    • The record is still available to be viewed and managed, but it can only be accessed through selected reports and through the search page list or other searches
    • In the search page list, they can be indentified by an asterisk beside the name

Please Note:

No changes are made to the records themselves when deactivated, except the Inactive flag prevents the record from being selectable from any working list in the system.

If a registration record is available to multiple databases, the status of each record may vary from one database to the next

Changing Active Status

The Active status of a record can be changed in two ways


  • Access an individual record either through a search link, a report or by accessing the Individual Selection list
  • Click on the Customer/Participant Information line in their personal record
  • Make the required Active selection
  • Click the Update button to save the changes

Multiple Selection Through Selected Reports

  • This feature only applies to the Membership Summary format in Standard Reports
  • These reports can be accessed by going to Global Reports > Standard Reports and making a Membership Summary selection in any Standard Report
  • One of the filters must be an Active Selection other than All (default)
    • if you select Inactive or Active the bulk processing tools will appear when the report is run

Change Status In Bulk

  • The right hand column will contain the current "Active" field by way of check box (either ticked or unticked)
    • You can tick or untick all by ticking/unticking the box beside the Active title at the very top of the report or
    • You can untick/tick individually
  • To get this processing done, click the Process Changed Active Settings at the bottom of the report
    • As the button says, it will only process settings where they have changed from their original state
    • Please remember, that this change will be made to the database that runs the report
  • Because people can and do appear in multiple club and state or business databases, some may want someone active in their database (irrespective of Membership status) and others not.
    • This effectively means that an administrator who needs to deactivate/activate individuals, they need to run the report and do it themselves to suit their own purposes
    • Active status is not directly connected to Membership but if someone joins and they are marked as inactive, they will be marked as active automatically when the are assigned a Membership

Example Of Use

  • An administrator may want to remove the active status of all former members who have not been a member since a selected membership year
  • Go the Standard Reports page and select the following filters
    • Format: Membership Summary
    • Scope: Membership Only
    • Participants: Active Only
    • Date Filters: Custom Dates
      • (The Former Members Only box could be ticked in some situatuions, but it is not needed for Custom Dates - see below, but it may be needed for other selections)
    • Custom Dates: Membership Period
      • Date From: Start date of membership; Date To: End date of the selected membership period (eg 1/7/2013 to 30/6/2014)
      • When using Custom Dates, you should also tick the Ignore those with newer membership records box - important!
    • Select the Membership Type as required and run the report
  • When the report is on screen
    • Tick the checkbox beside the Active heading, twice (once to set all as active, the other to set all as inactive)
      • This will change all records to inactive
    • Click the process changed active settings
      •  It will process all the records selected and give you have many were changed and the status of the processing
      • This change does not affect any membership records in any way
      • This change will not affect the ability to transfer or reactivate the record at a later time

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