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Upload and Embed Multiple Files

Smartspace now provides an easy way to upload files which can also be embedded selectively into an article or post. This could be especially useful for image heavy blogs and linked pdf documents.

This tool is now used across the platform for all image and file uploads. In most cases multiple files can be uploaded although in the case of multiple file uploads, all must come from the one directory.

In the case of most image files (not .svg or .ico), the files are resized(dimensions) on the client side, saving time in uploading. Once image files are uploaded, they are also optimised to reduce the file size (not dimensions) still further, especialy for web viewing.

General Information

Uploaded File Types

Currently the tool supports the following file mime-types (please note that in some circumstances not all types will be supported):

  1. Images:
    • .png
    • .gif
    • .jpg
    • .jpeg
    • .ico (limited use for favicon.ico - loaded directly into website root directory)
    • .svg
  2. Text Files:
    • .pdf
    • .kml
    • .xml
    • .doc
    • .docx
    • .xls
    • .xlsx
    • .txt
    • .csv
    • .mov (video)
    • .mp4 (video)
    • .mp3 (video)
    • .ogv (video)
    • .webm (video)
    • .html

Accessing the Upload Embed Tool

This tool can be found in the main article editing page in the Upload and Embed Files line, Click anywhere on that line to access the tool.

(The uploader is also available in a number of other contexts for file and/or image uploads)

  • Click the icon (Select Files) to start finding files on your computer
    • NOTE!! You must select an Album and/or File Directory and set the Image Max Size(when uploading images) PRIOR to clicking on the Select Files icon.
    • Your computer's file browser will open
    • You can select mulitple files out of a single directory
    • You can mix image files and text files
    • The files you select will be listed in the panel with some options when uploading
    • Please note that only files that are allowed to be uploaded will normally show in the directory.
    • Depending on the uploader you are using, your file selection may be limited
  • Click the icon (Start Upload) to upload the selected files
    • Prior to clicking the Start Upload icon, you should put in an Alt Tag name for any image files
    • If you want to wrap a link to a PDF file in some link text, place the link text in the Name field prior to clicking the Upload icon
    • If you want to save the files to the database for later use as attached images, tick the DBase box
    • You must also select an album where the image will be stored
    • If it is saved into the database, three additional (smaller) images will also be saved into the system for future use(this is default method and strongly advised)
    • if you wish to view the status of the upload, click on the View Log [+] sign
    • Once uploaded, each successful uploaded image will have a green background
  • Click the icon (Add/Embed) to embed the selected files (this is only available in article editing view)
    • When files are uploaded, the Embed box will appear and will normally be preselected
    • You can select/deselect as required
    • When the Add/Embed icon is clicked, all selected files will be embedded into the article
    • Image files will appear full size as images although they will be set as width:100%
      • If you wish to change the width of the image, right click the image and select Image Properties
      • Click on the Advanced tab and set the image width in the CSS properties field
    • Text files will appear as a link (you can edit the text of the link if required)
    • If you want the link to be a redirect, without the link wrapper, right click on the link text and select Remove Link
    • Each item in the list will be wrapped in tags as a separate paragraph line
    • If the cursor is not present in the article, the items will be embedded at the start of the article
    • Otherwise, ensure the cursor is placed at the point of insertion
    • If the cursor is in the middle of a line, it will break the line into two and insert the selected files
  • Click the icon (Clear All) to clear the list and the Upload Log
    • When you click the Clear All icon, the list and the Upload Log is completely cleared
    • The Upload Icons are reset
    • You can upload and process further files as required
    • No files are deleted from the server
    • All embedded files remain in the article

Resizing Prior to Uploading

Larger images are resized prior to uploading, saving time on uploading larger images then resizing once uploaded.

The default resize settings are set in each content category if uploading in an article. Click on the Edit This Category link in the relevant category. If you set either size at 0 (zero) then it will default to 2000px.

The default resize settings are 2000px x 2000px which would normally be sufficient for use on a normal web page.

Please note that the quality of the uploaded image could be slightly poorer than if you resized the image yourself in an image editing program, then uploaded full size. It is very likely web viewers will not notice any difference

Extra Large  Files

Extra large files are broken into chunks to ensure that file transfer response times are not reached. This means that even very large files can be uploaded without reaching connection response limits and cancelling the upload.

The maximum file size that can be uploaded at present is 40mb.

Previewing Images

When images are uploaded a small thumbnail is rendered in the uploaded so that you can corrrectly identify the image if you want to name it. If you do not name it it will take the name of the file and add a timestamp to it to make it unique (so that subsequent uploads will not inadvertenly delete the file).

Once the upload is completed successfully  you will provided with a link (to a new tab) where you can view the image or file (if it is a pdf or video) where supported by the browser.

If the file upload fails, view the log to see if you can see why. The source file may have been corrupted. Contact support if you cannot resolve the issue.


The system will attempt to remove non alpha-numeric characters and replace any spaces with underscores (_). This will ensure trouble free viewing of the file in all web browsers.

The file name will be made lowercase.

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