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Quick Lists

Smartspace now allow users to create lists which can be used to populate other groups.

Administrators can create the lists themselves or get their customers/members to do it for themselves online (or a combination of both)

To prevent the selection of lists to become to cluttered over time, the lists are accessed through the Quick Lists Category Type.

A short one off configuration is required to acheive full functionality.

You will need to navigate to the Database Manager to create and manage the lists.

Configure/Create Attached Lists

  1. Configure the Category Type
    • Navigate to Manage Category Types > Quick Lists
    • Complete the simply configuration for this record
    • If you want to be able to allow your users to join a list online, click  the approprirate Join Actions options
    • Save or Update the record
  2. Create a Group Category
    • Click New Group Category
    • Select Quick Lists as the Category Type
    • At a minimum, enter a Category Name (eg. Our Lists)
    • No other fields need to be completed
    • Save or Update the record
  3. Create An Instance
    • Open up the Lists category (by clicking on the line) and click Create New Instance
    • Enter an Instance Name
    • Unless you are going to be having numerous lists, you probably online need to have once or two Instances
    • In that case, tick the Live Instance: Make permanent tick box
    • Tick the Show Public box only if you want your users to be able to join one of its child lists online
    • Complete other fields as required
    • Save or Update the record
  4. Create a List
    • Once you have created at least one Instance, select the instance, then click on Create or Manage Groups from the action menu
    • If you want a specific person to be notified of people joining the list online, enter a valid email address in  the Email field
    • Enter an appropriate and descriptive name for the group
    • Enter the time period during which you want to be able to access those in the group
    • If you are allowing online entry into the Groups, you may wish to place some explanatory text in the "Notes" field
    • Click on Add + Save

You now have your first Quick List!

How to Use Quick Lists

Join a List Online

  • At the bottom of any group in the Group Management window, if the group can be seen on the internet, the group URL is available
    • This can used when sending emails to your customers/members or when used in articles
  • When a visitor browses this page they will see the List Name, and the Notes contained in the group record.
    • If you have permitted your users to join this group online, it will have a Join Group button
    • If you have allowed users to enter a note, the note field will appear when the button is clicked
    • Users can either enter a note here or proceed to join the group
    • If they are logged in, they will see a results page of the procedure, usually a success message
    • If they are not logged in, the subsequent page will provide a login form or a link to a registration form.
    • If they have a Smartspace account, they will be immediately placed in the group once logging in takes place.
    • If they have never registred with Smartspace before, they can register for the first time.
    • Immediately upon registration, their group entry will be processed
  • An email will be sent to either the email address contained in the Group record, or, if that is not available, to the main contact email address for the club or trader.
    • If a note was sent, that will be included in the person's list record

Populate Other Groups with a List

  • When you first go to create any other groups, you will have a chance to populate that group with any current list
  • Select one of the records from the From a Quick List selection
  • When you Add + Save all those in the Quick list will populate the new group
  • Edit as required.

Use a Quick List for Combined Entries

Coming Very Soon...

  • When first populating your Combined Team Entries at present you can use your Current Meembership List (if you have a Membership Module)
  • Now, in addition, if you have any current Quick Lists, you will be able to select one of the lists to use as the base for your entries
  • Please note that you must make this selection prior to saving any other entries into listed teams


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