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Using Global Site Account Details

Global Site Account Details is a store of all the information needed to setup your smartspace website, and acts as an ongoing repository for access details pertaining to its ongoing management.

It is worth noting that website owners and those with a staff access level of 5 have access to these details which are permanently stored for in the global website record for reference only.

NOTE: Changes made in this record do not affect anything - they are purely text records kept for reference by website managers and smartspace staff.

Why Have The Record?

  • The record is intially used to transfer sensitive information (passwords, access details etc) from client to smartspace staff for site setup.
  • Smartspace then use the record to inform website owners of more setup information, usually email access details, securely and without fuss.
  • Because these sorts of details can be lost over time, smartspace creates this permanent and secure record for both smartspace and website managers.
  • When communicating details about email setup and other access issues we always do it through this page.
    • (We do not normally send any passwords through email except where individual passwords have been forgotten or upon intital setup.)

How Do I Access It?

You can view the record (after logging in at your website) at manage (top smartspace bar) > global site details.

It can also be accessed via Control Panel > Manage Global Site Details

Important Points to Note

  • This page is hosted on a secure site so that passwords and other sensitive data cannot be easily viewed by those with malicious intent.
  • If you ever change your passwords for a variety of things (eg domain registrar access) it is important you should record your changes in this record.
  • Your should change any autogenerated passwords which provide personal access, to more memorable ones for you.
  • All access to this page is recorded for security purposes

We are always available for support if required.

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