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What is a Mail Server?

Email programs use Mail Servers to deliver mail - like an electronic postie.

Outgoing Mail Server - Sending Emails

If you are using the SmartSpace bulk email system, or have an email address set up by SmartSpace you will need to find out what your outgoing Mail Server is, so that mail can be sent through that Mail Server.

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) provides you with a connection to the internet and also provides you with an outgoing Mail Server for the purpose of sending emails.

Your ISP will have provided you with the details of your outgoing Mail Server.  If you can't find this documentation, contact your ISP and they will be able to tell you.

Usually comprises a username and password with a Mail Server address;

  • Outgoing Mail Server:  e.g. or e.g. (where yourisp is the name of your ISP),
  • Username:  usually your email address,
  • Password:  usually a password provided by you or determined by your ISP.

These details should be stored in both;

  1. Global Site Details (access at Control Panel > Global Site Details),
  2. Bulk Email Preferences (Access at Control Panel > Site Set Up > Email Preferences).

Incoming Mail Server - Receiving Emails

You will only get this information from SmartSpace when we have provided you with one or more email addresses.  This information is only necessary when you want to download emails onto your computer.

Email programs such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Mail and others, get the emails from the incoming Mail Server and save them to your computer.

When downloading emails onto your computer, you should set up your account to ensure that emails are deleted from the Mail Server once they are downloaded onto your computer.

You will also be able to access incoming emails through the webmail system (like a hotmail account);

  • login to the address (where is the name of your website),
  • use your full email address and the password provided to access your Mail Server online.

SmartSpace will provide you with these details when we set up email accounts for you.  Most email programs allow you to collect mail from a number of incoming Mail Servers if required (if you have a number of email addresses).

Read more here on setting up email addresses.

Read more here on setting up Bulk Email Preferences.

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