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SmartSpace is a great business website solution for businesses because of the online tools which can help you run your business better.

With SmartSpace, you choose which features you need, keeping your costs to a minimum. You can upgrade at any time, perhaps adding features as you grow your business.

You can either select a pre packaged set of modules, or you can select them individually. The minimum subscription period is 12 months. (All upgrades are kept in sync with your basic website package so that all subscriptions fall due on the same date.)

Every Website subscription comes included with a basic package of:

  • Customer Database
  • Basic Pricing Module
  • Basic Staff Module
  • Communicate Basic
  • Basic Website  Framework
  • All hosting fees are included in the price

This basic package can be added to one or more of the following modules in the table below.



Basic Package

Free with each SmartSpace subscription

  • Maintain a contacts and customer database
  • Search and report using a number of filters
  • Email to report lists
  • Set prices for basic services and memberships where available
  • Set user access for staff and officials
  • Display your content or services in a basic website

Website Frameworks

Prerequisites: Content Module

See more detail on Website Frameworks here





  • Create thousands of pages of content
  • Use 8 SmartSpace content categories or you own user created categories
  • Every  user created category is configurable for behaviour
  • Implement a reader forum with each user created category if required
  • Use content categories to auto create drop down menus
  • Automatically associate content with products and other content
  • Some SmartSpace categories automatically drive special features in selected website templates
  • Use an online text editor to create your content with features similar to popular word processing programs
  • Upload and manage files and images as required
  • Create unlimited photo galleries with configurable photo albums


Prerequisites: Content Module

  • Create any number of products with attached images and content (modules may restrict active products available)
  • Smart Pricing means that prices can be set in advance for any time period
  • Configurable Shopping Basket can handle a number of types of products and services
  • Integrate your Shopping Basket with PayPal with no set up or ongoing merchant fees
  • Totally secure payment processing with no need to store credit card information
  • Shipping and tax information are highly configurable
  • Set discounts for multiple purchases
  • Select from a range of Product widgets to automatically display selected products on any page

Membership Manager


  • Create an unlimited number of membership types
  • Create membership discounts for all products and services available
  • Manage membership payments and subscriptions
  • Create custom payment plans for any membership
  • Allow online payment of memberships
  • Record attendances
  • Print membership  cards (set up fee may apply)
  • Easy bulk renewal processing
  • Members have a history and status of their membership
  • Multi level memberships systems for sporting organisations and networks is supported


Prerequisites: Groups Manager


  •  Highly configurable bookings systems allow for a range of booking levels
  • An unlimited number of bookable resource categories can be created
  • Opening hours and availability can be configured
  • Allow for special days and holidays
  • Create regular bookings
  • Tie bookings in with groups and teams
  • Record attendance and payment
  • Integrate bookings with memberships for accurate payment calculation
  • Report on booking trends
  • Follow up on non attending regulars
  • Use in conjunction with the daily diary
  • Book a wide range of products and services
  • Configure the way users book online
  • Allow for travel and other extras in costing bookings on the fly

Groups Manager


  • Create and manage a range of different types of groups
  • Easily move groups from one time period for the next - ideal for sports teams and groups
  • Communicate with group members
  • Allow group members to communicate with each other
  • Easily attach groups to bookings (if bookings module is subscribed)
  • Attach groups to a number of group types from contacts to competitions to profiles and much more
  • Allow online reservations into groups and events
  • Automatically create web content and menus with group information
  • Pay online for nominations

Events Promoter (Beta)

Prerequisites: Groups Manager


  • This module is not yet available, but will allow the easy creation of event websites  attached to your group and event information.
  • Ideal for sports tournaments, special events and services
  • Estimated availability:2012

E-Staff (Beta)


  • Manage and monitor staff with the Task Master
  • Set up Staff rosters and timesheets
  • Schedule holidays and days offs
  • Integrate bookings and staff availability.
  • Set up your own task schedules for events and regular services
  • Monitor staff performance 
  • Provide staff resources for special tasks and new staff
  • Use in conjunction with the Daily Diary

Newsletters (Beta)

Prerequisites: Content Module

  • Keep customers and subscribers informed of all the latest with your organisation
  • Take content from a range of sources for your newsletter
  • Select from a number of newsletter templates
  • Have your own newsletter website
  • All archives automatically created and navigable
  • Many aspects of newsletter publication are configurable

Accounts (Beta)

Prerequisites: E-Store Module

  • This module not yet available to be launched in 2012
  • Keep your financial records with this simple online interface
  • Export data to popular accounting suites


 E-Hire (Beta)


  •  This  module not yet available
  • This is the hire configuration of our booking engine

Accommodate (Beta)

  • This  module not yet available
  • This is the accommodation  configuration of our booking engine

Promoter (Beta)

Prerequisites: Groups Manager

  • Only the basic version of this module is available (free with each package)
  • Manage your promotions
  • Create and track your promotions budget

Competition Manager (Beta)

Prerequisites: Groups Manager

  • Manage your competitions online
  • Create unlimited types of competition draws
  • Create your own competition rules
  • Record results and calculate standings and rankings
  • Run tournaments and show results in real time

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