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Setting Up Smartspace Groups - Basic Principles

The Smartspace Groups system is a powerful database driven system which binds customers and contacts to just about any type of service, program, event, job or list.

Depending on the view of the Group and the type of group it is, it opens the way to easily program web based interactive services and views,  which is totally integrated into your Smartspace website.

This document covers the basics of setting up and using the groups system. More advanced tutorials will be available soon.

If you wish to see how Combined Groups Entry works for those who regularly need to nominate many groups for a single event, please click here.

Groups Hierarchy

Category Types

  • The Category Type creates a pre programmed set of behaviours to create, manage, view and interact with groups
  • Each Category Type can be configured by the website manager including renaming the Category Type.
  • You do not need to configure Category Types unless you need specific settings - usually only needed when using Groups to produce content on a website
    • Sometimes configuration is required when using groups for interactive tasks such as nominations or online entries
  • The current list of types is:
    • Audience Event       
    • Business Contacts    
    • Business Profiles    
    • Business Services    
    • Classes              
    • Committees
    • Competitions - Chance
    • Competitions - Sports
    • Individual Profiles  
    • Invitations          
    • Job Listings         
    • Programs           
    • Quick Lists
    • Rankings             
    • Seminars             
    • Social Contacts      
    • Sponsors             
    • Sports Event         
    • Teams

Group Categories

  • Under the selected Category Type, you create Group Categories
  • These categories are usually persistent - once created it is likely they will be used for an extended period if you continue your business or sports operations
  • The use of Categories enable Groups to be easily organised and accessed
  • Each Category is configurable to enable the appropriate online access, viewing and integration with other website systems

Category Instances

  • The primary purpose of Category Instances is to enable a time based categorisation of Groups
  • Alternatively, an instance can also be used for further categorisation of the users choosing
  • If time based categorisation is not required, an instance can be persistent.
  • An instance allows public display of things like events, services, classes etc to be shown on your website in a timely manner
  • It also allows associated systems to be enabled which allows entry into groups or events
  • Eg. The entry period of an event can be set which allows online entry and payment for the event within the allowed entry period


  • A Group is a collection of individuals grouped into a single record
    • Special information can be added to the group to order it or specify and identify it in a number of ways
    • Other information can also be added which provides details to the public on the purpose or value of the group
  • Special information can be added to each individual's instance in the group
    • What information can be added and how it is viewed depends on further categorisation of the group's hierarchy
  • EG. If it is a "Jobs" group, All the information about the job is attached to the Group Record and Information about each of the job applicants is held in each individual instance

Set Up Basics

Access the groups system by loggin in to your Smartspace website and going to Manage (Smartspace bar) > Database Manager > Groups

  • Whilst not necessary you can configure the Category Type to suit your specific needs
    • To configure a Category Type go to Manage Category Types > Action Bar (Select One from the list)
    • If you are going to be displaying information on your website, it is recommended that you configure the Category Type.
  • Create or Edit a Group Category
    • Click New Group Category to create a new Category
    • Make sure you set the Category Type and Name the category
    • Save the Category when you are done
  • To Update an existing category, click on the category name on the groups page
    • (Please note, to bring up a list of instances, simply click on the relevant grey Action Bar, not the text.)
    • Edit the record and click the Update button
  • To Create or Edit a Category Instance, open the Category by clicking on the relevant Action Bar
    • To create new instance (usually called eg, a competition instance or event instance) click Create a New Instance
    • Fill in the form values as required and Save the Instance
    • Go through the same process to edit, except, click on the Instance name link and process
    • Once an instance is created you can add an unlimited number of Groups to the instance
  • Add a new group by clicking on the Manage/Create Groups icon in the Action Menu
    • Add the Basic information such as Group Name to the form and any additional relevant information
    • Use the small Tabs in the form to uncover more fields, depending on what Category Type the group fall under
    • If required, add names to the Group as well although this is not required
    • Names can be added to a Group in other ways as well including online entry and the Nominations entry process

All groups entry will self archive depending on the overall configuration of the hierarchy for that group. All these records can be easily accessed through the Time selector at the top of the Groups page.

As default, all groups which have "live" status (they are happening now or in the future), will be listed when first opening the groups page.




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