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Initial Access - Quick!

If you are a graphic designer or website owner, you may need to provide access to the website to someone else for;

  • Setting up Global Site Details,
  • Creating Content,
  • Managing the website in some other way,
  • Viewing the website during construction.

Create the Access Record

Login to the website in question, after arrival either through "My Connections", or by typing the address into the web browser;

  • Go to Manage > Control Panel > Staff Manager > Add a Staff Member,
    • If the individual is not in the system already select New Registration or select a Current Customer if in the system already.
  • Click Proceed to Staff Registration,
    • Add as many personal details as you can (email address must be included),
    • Tick the Send Login Details box,
    • Select a Role (the actual role is not necessarily important, but one must be selected),
    • Add a Short Name (e.g. Danny),
    • Insert an Access Level,
    • If you simply want them to be able to view the website insert "1" if you need them to setup Global Site Details set a "5".
  • Click Save/Update Individual and Save Staff Record,
    • This saves both the individual record and an associated staff record,
    • It also sends them an email which provides some login information with links to the website.
  • You will need to send them a separate email with more specific information on what you need/want them to do.

Email SmartSpace support if you have any problems with this process.

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