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Staff Functions - A Guide to Setting Up & Managing

Basic Staff Features

Creating Staff Members provides a way of letting users access the back end of your SmartSpace.  It is an extremely simple process, but one that has to be used with care.  Some important points to note are:

You must select a Role, a Short Name and a Start Date when creating a Staff Member.

If you do not set the Access Level to a number above 0, that person will have access to the Staff Menu (on the left of the page), but will not be able to do anything.

  • The Access Level provides a way to allow only certain individuals access to important areas of your website.
    • 0 - no real access.
    • 1- Basic data entry for registrations.
    • 2 - Basic Booking and Data entry functions and content creation (except publishing) functions.
    • 3 - Most day to day website management functions.
    • 4 - Ability to set Staff Access levels.
    • 5 - Ability to change website Manager (as listed in the Trader details).
  • The Manager, as saved in the Trader details has an effective Access level of 5.
  • If you wish to have the Manager included in the Worksheets and Roster systems, you must save them separately as a Staff member.
  • Effectively, only the Manager and those with an Access Level of 4 or 5 can set up a staff person fully.
  • If you wish to access the Global Site Details, you need an access of 5. (or be the manager)
  • Click here for more on access levels

Creating Staff

Initially the Manager (as saved in the Trader record) will be able to Add a Staff Member.  Follow the links:

Control Panel > Manage Staff/Access > New Staff

  • Select one of the options:
    1. New Registration
      • Register a new person not already in your database, (ensure that the person is not already registered with SmartSpace).
    2. Select a Current Customer
      • Select someone from the existing list
    3. Deactivated Staff
      • Use a previously created Staff person from the list(if any), with no current access .
  • When first creating a Staff Member, an Individual Registration form will also appear, either for editing purposes or for a new registrant.  (This does not happen when selecting option 3).
  • Fill out the personal details if required then insert the relevant staff information (note required fields and Access levels above).
    • If you are in any doubt as to whether the person knows their login details, you will need to check the "Send Login Details" box, which sends the staff person an email advising of their user login details when the record is saved or updated.
  • When they log in, the system will recognise them and automatically provide them with the correct level of access.
  • Do not provide them with an access level of  4 and above unless they are completely trusted.  This level allows staff to set access levels for all staff.  Only one or two trusted employees/officials should have this access level.
  • You should provide access to all those who require access to the system.
  • You should NEVER allow all logins to do so through one single person's login details. 

Manage Staff

Follow the instructions above, with the exception you must select someone from the list of those with access (under Individual Access), after you have clicked Manage Staff/Access

NB: SmartSpace recognises users on an individual basis.  Do not share login details under any circumstances.

To withdraw priviledges:

  • Deleselct the role and
  • Set the access number to 0 and update.

You can reactivate that person later if required by reselecting a role and inserting an access level.

Resend Login Details

  • To resend the login details of a staff member, go to Manage Staff/Access > [select the person] > Tick the Send Logins field > Update Staff Info
  • Note that the email will be sent to the address (which is written near the field)
  • You should send a separate email to the person, advising that the details have been sent and that they should check their junk mail folder if they have not recieved it

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