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ATTENTION! If you have a recent Smart Mail account it is probably hosted on our new service. Please click here for help and settings for the new server

Setting Up an Email Account

You may use an email account in association with your SmartSpace website.  If so, there is a setup process you must go through on your own computer to be able to receive emails from your SmartSpace website address.  You can also access your emails by webmail.

Your Email Client (Program)

If you have had one or more email addresses set up by SmartSpace staff, you or your graphic designer will receive an email advising that your email setup details are available in your control panel at Control Panel > Manage Global Site Details.  Please note that each email address will have this set of information.  We do not send these details for reasons of security.  They can be viewed securely on the website.

POP3 Mail

Please Note!! As of August 1 2014, all new Email accounts will be required to connect using a secure connection (for incoming mail).

As of July 31 all accounts previously created will also need to connect securely with strong passwords.

The settings below apply to the POP3 email protocol.  This is a standard email collection system and is good for most people who get their emails on one computer or device

Global Details.

  • Email Address:  (doubles as username).
  • Password:  (Available in Global Site Details).
  • Dersktop Webmail:
  • Mobile Webmail:
  • Note! no setup required if you use one of the webmail options above - managed through a browser
  • Email Type:  POP3 (important:  do not select IMAP unless you specifically want to use extra features)

If you want to set up your own account on a computer, laptop or tablet/mobile use the settings below.

If you want to set up on more than one device, you may be better using either the Exchange Activsync protocol or the IMAP protocol.

Secure Incoming Server

  • Incoming Mail Server:
  • Incoming Port:  995
  • Connection Security:  SSL (or STARTTLS)
  • Alternative Port: 110
  • Alt Connection Security: TLS (or STARTTLS)
  • Authentication Method:  Normal Password.

Secure Outgoing Server (All protocols)

  • Outgoing Server:
  • Use port: 587
  • Connection Security(Encryption): STARTTLS (or try SSL/TLS if necessary )
  • Authentication Method:  Normal Password.

If the outgoing settings above will not connect, use the alternative settings below (often old apps and outlook will use outdated settings - we support these):

  • Alternative port: 465
  • Alternative secure protocol: SSL
  • Authentication Method:  Normal Password.

Note El Capitan Mac Mail users!!

This system does not allow you to configure security settings but detects them automatically. In this case use the following setting:

Incoming Server :

This is the server host. If you are using our server for the outgoing server, use the same setting.

Important points where set up fails:

  • The user only inserted part of their email address as the username - you must use the whole email address.
  • Use port number 995 and set encryption to SSL (secure connection) for incoming POP3
  • Alternatively Port 110 can be used but it must be in conjunction with the secure TLS service
  • The incoming Mail Server name is the one provided by SmartSpace - use the exact mailserver name.
  • The outgoing Mail Server name is NOT the one provided by SmartSpace - use the one provided by your ISP.
  • The capitalisation of passwords is not correct in the setup - the password must be EXACTLY the same - no capitals unless included.
  • Make sure that the email server type is POP3 if using the POP3 protocol.  Contact Smartspace for IMAP.
  • Do NOT use port number 110 - unless it is over TLS
  • Outgoing mail server settings on some versions of Outlook and Mac Mail will want to connect on an outdated protocol (SMPTS), so use Port: 465 via SSL

Also note, that you will need to insert your outgoing Mail Server into the Global Site Details record so that we can carry out some spam prevention measures and ensure your emails always get delivered to their intended addresses.

Using Email Programs (Clients) Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird

Depending on the program which you use to get and display your emails, there is a slightly different set up.  Follow the links below depending on your email client.

Follow  this link for Wiindows Live Mail;

Follow this link for MS Outlook 2010 setup;

Follow this link for Outlook 2103 set up:

Follow this link for older versions of Outlook (MS) email setup;

Follow this link for Outlook Express (MS) setup;

Follow this link for Thunderbird (Mozilla) setup (there are links within this page which provide different set up options);

Follow one of these links for Mail (Mac) setup:

Manually Set Up E-mail with Mac OS X Mail

The Mavericks Os Setup

Older Apple Mail settings (please ignore the settings in the instructions - use only Smartmail settings)

Let us know if you need more info or if your email program is different from those above.

(Program names may be trademarked and owned by their parent corporations).

Important Information on Mail Servers (Incoming)

An incoming Mail Server is a remote computer where all email sent to you is intitially stored.  Your email program on your own computer is able to access this Mail Server and retrieve emails that are stored on it.

Your email Server has a limited amount of space, so, if you download your emails onto your own computer, your should ensure that your email program is set up to delete emails from the mail Server once they have been downloaded onto your computer.

If you choose IMAP as your email protocol, your sent messages get saved on to the server by default.  This can result in your server space being used up quite quickly.

Do not use IMAP unless you speak to Smartspace support staff before setting up and you are aware of the ramifications of using this more advanced system.

When using webmail, the webmail program provided to you by SmartSpace directly accesses your mailserver.

If you only use webmail to access your emails, you will periodically have to delete unwanted emails and compress those which are important, otherwise you will eventually run out of room.

Extra space is available on SmartSpace for a fee.

Read more on Mail Servers here.

Secure Webmail

Note!! Smartspace no longer permits non secure connections to the mailserver. Please do not use your domain name's webmail address any longer. Use the settings below:

You can access your emails through any computer connected to the internet by webmail (applies only where SmartSpace has setup your email accounts);

  • Insert the login details (the same as your email account) and you can view your available emails or send emails.

Please Note:

  • Depending on the setup of your email client on your computer, emails which have already been downloaded onto your computer, may not be on the Mail Server any longer.
  • Any emails you have read by webmail, may still be downloadable by your computer's email client.

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