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Trouble Logging In To Smartspace?

Smartspace is a website and sports management platform which requires only one login, even if you have connections to many websites or club systems.

Ways of Getting Login Details/Passwords in Smartspace

You may get your login details in the following ways:

  1. Clicking on the Forgot Password? link in any Smartspace login panel
  2. Sent by club/website admin staff to advise of login details
  3. Sent by a website administrator because you have been granted adminstator priveleges yourself
  4. Received as part of an email which may require you to login as part of a specific process

1. Getting Lost Login Details/Passwords Using the Forgot Password? Link

Any user can retrieve your login details as long as you have the same email address that is stored within the Smartspace system.

You can also use this method to determine whether or not you have a registration record in the system.To retrieve your login details do the following:

  • Find a Smartspace login panel
    • On a Smartspace website, click on the Smartspace mini S tab to expose the panel
    • On a Club management site, there is a login panel on the left, or click Log In in the Smartspace bar
    • Click on the Forgot Password? link
  • Insert your email address into the Email field
  • Click Get Logins

Your login details will be sent to your address if it is in the system

If there are multiple names using the same email address, it will allow you to select the Name from a list before sending the logins.

It is possible that the email will end up in your junk folder, so check there first if you did not receive it.

You should reset your password after receiving your logins through the email system (see below)

Please Note!! The Get Logins form is always available to users when they are going through any Smartspace process which requires a login

2. Logins Sent By an Administrator

You can request your website/club/network administrator to send your logins.

Administrators send ordinary logins by doing the following:

  • Navigate to the user's personal record in the Database Manager
  • Click on the edit icon(pencil)
  • Tick the Send Logins box at the bottom of the form prior to updating the record
    • The Reset Logins box should not be ticked unless the user is having trouble logging in with the details they currently have
  • Send the user a separate email to advise it has been sent and tell them to check their junk folder if they did not receive the email
    • Please note that this email does not contain links which all them to go through the membership purchase process.

3. Logins Sent by Administrators to Other Administrators

If, as an administrator you are activating other administrators, you can send login details to the new administrator.

Likewise, you can send an email to an existing administrator.

  • Navigate to Control Panel > Manage Staff/Access
  • Select an existing Adminstrator from the list or click New Staff and assign access to someone new (Click here for more on that process)
  • Tick the Send Logins box to have the logins sent in the special email for administrators
    • It is very similar to the process above for ordinary users

4. Send Logins Through the Bulk Email System

The bulk email system sends individualised emails to selected users

Tick the Login Info box to send individualised logins with the email

Click here for details on sending bulk emails

Entering Login Details - Troubleshooting

Username and passwords are case sensitive. As such you need to enter the exact sequence of alpha numeric characters in order to be successful.

Here are a few common mistakes made by users when logging in, especially for the first time.

  • Using the the wrong Case when entering details - Always use the exact case including any spaces
  • Mistaking  one letter for another EG
  • Mistaking an upper case i (I) for a lower case L (l) or vice versa
  • Mistaking the number one (1) for one of the two letters above or vice versa
  • Mistaking a zero (0) for an upper case o (O) or vice versa
    • You may wish to try alternatives when presented with problems such as this

One way you can overcome these problems is by cutting and pasting the details into the relevent fields.

This can however cause other problems. When copying and pasting details please do the following to avoid problems:

  • When copying, try to make sure that you do not inadvertantly copy some extra spaces before or after the text
  • Make sure when the Username is pasted into the field there is not extra spaces before or after the visible text
  • When the password is pasted, count the characters in the field to make sure it matches the number of characters provided in the email

Changing Login Details

By clicking Update My Details  in a login panel (after being logged in), you will be taken to a registration form.

  • At the bottom of any registration form, click the Update Login Details button
  • You can update your Username only by just changing your Username
  • To update your Password, you must fill out the Pasword field and Confirm Password field
    • Whilst the Username will not change whilst logged in during that session, you will need to use the new details next time you log in.

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